Just what the name promises.

Built on a rocky cliff overlooking the azure sea, each apartment in this exclusive project offers breathtaking views of the endless Mediterranean Sea merging with the beautiful sky. From the poolside of the complex of just 28 apartments, you can watch the sun paint the sky and sea brilliant pink color, purples and oranges as it sets over the horizon each evening it's the perfect luxurious cypriot lifestyle.

Just minutes from Esentepe, the project offers luxurious living + 1 bedroom 
and living room + 2 bedroom loft apartments offer the perfect holiday for all, 
who love being close to unspoilt nature and value personal space. 
One of the most beautiful coastlines in Cyprus, with romantic coves, sandy beaches, authentic small restaurants and wild mountainside, beckons visitors.

Project expected completion date : September 2024


2.000,- GBP can be reserved which is included in the purchase price. The property is therefore held for 1 month until the contract is completed and signed.

- To be paid at signing : 30 % ( minus deposit )
                                 + 0,5 % tax
                                 + GBP 1500,- lawyer's fee ( includes all the paperwork and the application to the foreign buyer )

- Payable on completion of foundation : 20 %

- Payable on completion of structure : 20 %

- Payable on completion of tiling / painting / installation of windows and doors : 20 %

- Payable on completion of the property : 7 %

- Payable 3 months before handover : 5% VAT
                          + infrastructure tax ( depending on the size of the property )

- Payable on handover : 3 % + 3 % ( land registration fee )